Kid Cuff
From The Tonight Show’s FAKE SPOKESPERSON AUDITIONS. We subjected this poor woman to a modern day Milgram Experiment.

Bieber Baby
Jay conducts a revealing Q & A with Justin Bieber’s baby.

Elderly say the darndest things
It’s always fun to play a jackass. In this case, I’m the host of a new talk show.

NBC Head of Programming
Look! I’m playing a jackass again! This time, I’m filling Jay, RG III, and Hugh Laurie in on the upcoming season on NBC.

Survey Says
Using information taken from surveys, we convince people that we know them and see how far they’ll go for someone they think they know. Also, I am wearing a fanny pack with a hard drive in it on my back. It is not a lower back deformity.

Santa Claus Q & A
If you like topical humor from 2011, this for you!

Audience Coordinator
Audience Coordinator, Jim Wise, explains the responsibilities of the audience in song.

Wick Tompkins Christmas
Jay Leno unearths a song from would-be country superstar Wick Tompkins’ 1974 Christmas special.

Father and Son
A father shares a magical moment with his son in the Tonight Show audience.

Cowboy Bob
This character effectively killed off Wick Tompkins in regards to Tonight Show appearances. To this day, I don’t understand why…